2021 Augusta Tours
April 5th through April 12th

Elite Sporting Tours packages to Augusta in 2021 offer you the perfect opportunity to be part of professional golf’s most prestigious tournament in the hands of Australia’s most dedicated and experienced operator.
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Private Housing

Elite Sporting Tours offer our clients the ability to choose varying types of private housing accommodation:

Standard Private

Welcoming ‘family homes’ in National Hills Estate across from ANGC
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Deluxe Private

Historic nature large updated ‘family homes’ in National Hills Old Money neighbourhood
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Prestige Private

Expansive centre piece homes in gated communities of Barrington Estate & Westlake
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All of the Private Housing we offer are ‘family homes’ and provide you with all the necessary comforts you would want.

Predominantly situated right next to ANGC and built around the spectacular setting of the world’s most famous golf course, these private residences provide the perfect accommodation answer. In a setting surrounded with famous Georgian ‘Loblolly’ pines, these residences provide the proximity and comfort you are looking for as well as the privacy of ‘your own house’ whilst taking in the US Masters.

Choose from either 3 or 4 bedroom houses located in the ‘golden rectangle’ right near ANGC to premier mansion estate 6+ bedroom houses in the gated communities of Barrington, Westlake or Jones Creek.